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Events in Rovinj

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Events in Rovinj

Don't miss the best events and festivals in Rovinj

Rovinj is a beautiful small town of rich past and great present, a true pearl of the Adriatic. Over the years some of the most amazing events in Istria took place in Rovinj. Entertainment, sports, cultural and other events are organized every year almost on daily basis through the summer.

"Rovinj’s night" is a must if you plan to visit the city at the end of August. Spectacular fireworks and live music of Croatian and foreign performers are a trademark of Rovinj's night, the most visited event on the Istrian peninsula.

Many other events, including Photodays, the national photography festival that brings together the best photographers from Europe; the Night of St. Lawrence where the city lights are dim emphasizing the romantic spirit of Rovinj with numerous music concerts performed live under the stars; Grisia exhibition the most famous one-day outdoor exhibition in the mediterranean; the evenings of fishing tradition with local live music, provided seafood delicacies, wine and olive oil; Croatian Summer Salsa Festival makes Rovinj live, breathe and dance for days to the rhythm of salsa.

Here you can find a list of the best upcoming events in the city of Rovinj.

For more events and detailed informations please visit the Tourist Board of Rovinj events page.

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